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You can get Michael Monhollon’s next book, Slack Tide, for free. Go to Kindle Scout and click “Nominate me.” If Amazon selects the novel for publication, as it did two of my prior books, it will send you a link for a free Kindle edition of the book.





The Robin Starling Courtroom Mysteries

She should have had that second fritter…
But instead, Robin Starling agreed to represent the D.A.’s sister in a murder trial. An orthopedic surgeon, prominent in local politics, has been found dead in her apartment. Now the D.A. wants help — from the attorney he just tried to get disbarred — and trust seems to be a commodity in short supply. Once again, attorney Robin Starling must risk her career to discover who is lying and who is not, to untangle the intersecting knots of pursuit, love, and betrayal — and to herself find true love while people all around her are engaged in…
                            Sexual Misconduct

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12 thoughts on “New books!

  1. Don’t forget Going Ballistic in the series too. Love them all. Waiting impatiently for the next one.

  2. YAY-Congrats !!! Can’t wait to read Devil In The Dock-LOVE the series ! Thanx for so many hrs of great reading.

  3. I have finished reading all the Robin Starling books and enjoyed all of them! I’m looking forward to the future books.

  4. Like a sharpshooter on the basketball court, Monhollon has a nice touch. And he doesn’t seem to miss very many, either.
    I have steamed through the first five of the Robin Starling series and have to slow down so that I can actually do something else once in a while. The first thing I do in the morning is reach for my Kindle and I think I’m going to have to hide it in some clever spot. But I’m sure Robin would find it.
    The characters, and the wonderful dialogue, would make for a great TV series, although you’d have to find some beautiful people who can act for the leading roles.

  5. Have just read the first book in the series and loved Robin. She is quite the character. This story is full of action and suspense. I plan on reading all the series. Thanks for these books.

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